DePay Mission
Decentralized Digital Payment.

The mission of DECENTRALIZED DIGITAL PAYMENT is to become a leading, universal and at the same time unique system of digital payments and financial technical utilities, thanks to which society can abandon the intrusive conditions of traditional banks.


What is DePay ?

Decentralized Digital Payment has developed a next-generation model for future financial services and digital banking.

This model uses Blockchain technology along with smartphones and a new bio-identification system that will be used to provide secure and reliable accounts for each user.

This is a project to develop the future of the crypto-financial world. Its main goal is to integrate and connect DePay Tokens to the traditional financial world and create a single gateway through the DePay platform for users, traders, investors and financial institutions with a range of additional services.


Our goal
Decentralized Digital Payment.

Our team consists of experts with extensive experience in marketing, information technology, traditional financial industry and blockchain technology. More than 25 years of experience in online trading, foreign exchange and private banking help our experts clearly identify and solve the problems of modern society as efficiently as possible.

We strive to open eyes of most users on clear and undeniable benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain in general.

DECENTRALIZED DIGITAL PAYMENT system spares people from high commissions, slow transactions, fraud and confusing interfaces of traditional financial solutions.

Insurance of payments node

Our system has a function of insuring your assets and is directly responsible for the transaction within the platform.

Unlimited international transfers

You no longer need to waste time looking for a reliable exchange service.


When you use our payment utilities, the system makes a partial refund in the form of DPAY tokens.

Crypto and fiat exchange

This DPAY feature is the basis of all exchange transactions, not only cryptocurrency to FIAT, but also exchange between FIAT currencies.

The DePay App

On the other hand, merchants in the DePay ecosystem will be interested in accepting payments through the DePay app.


Users will then have access to our microfinance service to get overdrafts on their accounts. The result is a customer who manages a wide range of sophisticated banking and payment services with just one click on their cell phone. On the other hand, merchants in the DePay ecosystem will be interested in accepting payments through the DePay app.

  • Wallet - P2P, B2B cryptocurrency exchanges, transfers
  • Payments and transfers - money transfers and cross-border payments
  • Currency exchange
  • Cashback
  • Payment cards
  • Loan / Debit
  • Instant lending
  • Microfinance with DePay's unique lending algorithm

DPAY Token Details

DPAY tokens will fuel the Decentralized Digital Payment engine and mediate between the cryptocurrency and the real world as a new type of currency.

Total Supply

100,000,000 DPAY

PreSale & IDO/IEO

60,000,000 DPAY

Staking Pool

20,000,000 DPAY


15,000,000 DPAY


5,000,000 DPAY

Market Listing

PancakeSwap & BitMart (TBA)


PreSale 1 BNB = 60,000 DPAY.

Minimum buy 0.01 BNB - 10 BNB No Vesting!

DPAY TOKEN Will be listed on BitMart and Pancakeswap after sale/IDO end.


Claim Airdrop

Add to Metamask

Refer your friends and you can claim bonus 1,200 DPAY Tokens

Get Referral Link

📌Referral receive 100% token of claim and buy.

📌Referral claim 1,200 DPAY you get 1,200 DPAY

📌Referral buy 1 BNB you get 1 BNB

Our Roadmap

December 2020

Creation and development of the idea of a digital payment system and financial-technical utilities.

January 2021

Search for a team and preparation of a work plan.

June 2021

Development of the system’s website

October 2021

Private Sale and Partnership for the future EcoSystem

December 2021

Preparation for the launch of Presale

February 2022

Preparation for the launch of IDO/IEO

March 2022

Development of a test version of the platform

April 2022

Market Listing Pancakeswap & BitMart (TBA)

May 2022

Creation of Decentralized Digital Payment ecosystem and integration of DPAY token

June 2022

Launch of beta platform

July 2022

Platform update 2.0

Collecting and analyzing user feedback

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